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Andy Dellenoy's pianoshow at Curacao!

Andy Dellenoy has moved from the Netherlands to the tropical island of Curaçao in October 2023. Of course Andy needs a website which will reflect his options and possibilities to perform and entertain on this tourist island.

This website is under construction, but the Dutch website is still operational with a lot of information and demo's about Andy's pianoshow.

Check: www.dellenoy.nl

To emigrate from one country to another takes time and a lot of 'arranging'.  That's why it takes a time to get this website up and running. However, we are doing great!  All sound-equipment, the piano, and even the transporter-van has arrived on the island and the van is driving around the island :-)

Also, the administrative side is also ready; the company is registered at the Curaçao Chamber of Commerce, the VAT (Crib) is arranged, and of course the permits are all in order.

Andy is completly ready to go to entertain the crowds at Curaçao!
Let me .... entertain you!  

Hope to see you soon at one of my gigs. :-)

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